Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Spooky Valentine - Twilight Valentine Flowers from 1800Flowers

It couldn’t get any better: celebrating Valentine’s Day with New Moon, the continuation of the Twilight saga. Bella, Edward, Jacob – oh the teenage angst and sexual tension is just the ticket for a deliciously romantic Valentine’s Day. And 1800Flowers has put  together  two floral packages with just this in mind.
There are two Twilight Valentines Day Flowers packages offered. The basic offers half a dozen red, long stem roses along with a poster and greeting card featuring the story’s tormented protagonists. The premium package has twice as many flowers, two collectible New Moon chocolate bars and a pre-order New Moon DVD.
1800flowers is the first name in on-line flower sales and was even just recognized by MSNBC for clarity in pricing over other companies in same industry. Plus,  there is a $20 off savings when you sign up for a Blockbuster trial. I may just go ahead and splurge on myself.

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