Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Spooky Valentine - Twilight Valentine Flowers from 1800Flowers

It couldn’t get any better: celebrating Valentine’s Day with New Moon, the continuation of the Twilight saga. Bella, Edward, Jacob – oh the teenage angst and sexual tension is just the ticket for a deliciously romantic Valentine’s Day. And 1800Flowers has put  together  two floral packages with just this in mind.
There are two Twilight Valentines Day Flowers packages offered. The basic offers half a dozen red, long stem roses along with a poster and greeting card featuring the story’s tormented protagonists. The premium package has twice as many flowers, two collectible New Moon chocolate bars and a pre-order New Moon DVD.
1800flowers is the first name in on-line flower sales and was even just recognized by MSNBC for clarity in pricing over other companies in same industry. Plus,  there is a $20 off savings when you sign up for a Blockbuster trial. I may just go ahead and splurge on myself.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Twilight and Valentine's Day- The Perfect Combination from 1800Flowers

It is that time of year again - Valentine's Day. I am still hoping for a knock-out gift from my sweetheart. I keep dropping hints about the Twilight flowers DVD offer from 1800flowers .

There are two different variants. The basic package has 12 long stem roses and a Twilight greeting card and poster whereas the premium has 24 long stem roses and the New Moon DVD on pre-order in addition.

Not only is this the perfect gift for any Twilight lover, it is also a great way to introduce your lover to the gripping saga continued in New Moon. Even better, 1800Flowers was just recognized for its clear and simple pricing structure by MSNBC. What is not to love?