Thursday, October 29, 2009

Amos Tamam - Making Life Easier

I recently saw a video clip on You Tube of a comedian who was appearing on a late night talk show. The guy's basic message was: despite having so much technology capable of improving the quality of our lives and the world in general, everyone still complains. Do you even remember the days when you had to go inside the bank and write yourself a check to even get cash? Do you remember when you could only pay cash in a cab? Or when the driver (or a store clerk for that matter) took a carbon imprint of your credit card? A man called Amos Tamam has changed all that for the better now.

Amos Tamam came from Israel and worked servicing taxis in NYC. He developed the technology and is now the head of the division at Verifone which makes it possible to pay with credit card in New York and Philadelphia taxis.

It is the sheer ingenuity of people like Amos Tamam who are changing the way we live our lives for the better. We should all be thankful for this technology.

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