Thursday, October 29, 2009

Westford Asset Management in Montreux, Switzerland

The first time I have ever heard of the tiny of town of Montreux, Switzerland was as I was doing some research on Westford Asset Management . To my surprise, I found out from the pictures I found on the internet that this was the quintessential Swiss town, perched somewhere up in the mountains, with a fairytale castle overlooking a gorgeous body of water. Why wouldn't Westford Asset Management choose to be based there? 

Located on the Swiss Riviera, Montreux is the epitome of picturesque. The Castle of Chillion of Lord Byron fame, the Gruyere region famous for its delicious cheese, the spectacular views of Rochers-de-Naye mountains and the flavorful wines from vineyards of Lavaux are enough to lure anyone, let alone Westford Asset Management , to such a piece of paradise!

Sakwinder Narwal Gone Fishing

Sakwinder Narwal loves to fish. No, this guy really does love to fish. He is more than just the average guy that will go to the nearest bait and tackle shop to buy his permit just to go out and down beers with his buddies around the lake. Sak actually travels around indulging his hobby. With dozens of rods, reels and lures, he is a true enthusiast for the sport and for the beautiful creatures as well as their amazing natural habitats. He says it is the connection to nature that keeps him coming back for more.

Sakwinder Narwal has chased his passion across North America looking for every opportunity to pursue sports fishing. Only catching each animal simply to immediately release it, Sakwinder Narwal is the epitome of gentleman sports angler.

RENEW International - Renewing the Catholic Faith

For over three decades, RENEW International has been fostering the renewal of the Catholic spiritual traditions in over 150 archdioceses in America. The organization provides each diocese with programs and informational materials designed to help them reach their annual goals.

In October 2002, RENEW International was presented with a Decree of Recognition by Archbishop John J. Meyers, J.C.D., D.D., recognizing it as a 'private association of the faithful' under Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church. The decree also acknowledges RENEW International as having been reviewed and found in proper order. The organization has an impact on nearly 25 million lives in this country and 23 more around the world.

RENEW International  is committed to sound stewardship of the resources it has been granted and to excellence using 55 ethical criteria and principles of accountability. It is currently working with the National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management to meet it standards of excellence.

K-Designers : Reliable Partners in Home Remodeling

K-Designers was founded nearly three decades ago by Larry and Lee Judson with only four employees. The company has since grown to become one of America's largest remodelling contractors with over 900 employees and associates.

Co-founder and President Larry Judson bases K-Designers past and future success on its commitment to its customers and associates. This commitment means choosing materials with the best value for money (and not simply the most expensive); carefully selecting and and developing its employees; and continually challenging the entire organization to be the most innovative, creative, and efficient remodeller in the US today.

Another indicator of the calibre of K-Designers as a business is its community involvement. Countless thank you letters from organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, the American Cancer Society, and the American Heart Foundation are testaments to the ethics and professionalism of the company.

Looking for a puppy in Chicago? Happiness is Pets is Your Answer

Finding the right furry companion for your family can be a difficult matter. With all the scares of puppy mills and shady pet shops, one never knows if the puppy brought home is truly healthy and happy. Happiness is pets has been operating in greater Chicago for more than a decade and specializes in bringing healthy puppies from regional breeders to families.

Happiness is pets has six convenient Chicagoland locations making it easy and convenient to find the puppy of your dreams. With branches in Downers Grove, Arlington Heights, Naperville, Oak Lawn and Lombard, there is sure to be a store near you.

It is easy to see from the many customer testimonials why Happiness is pets does more than half of its business with repeat customers.With accommodating staff whose priority is to find the right puppy-owner combination and a one-year health warranty against congenital defects, satisfaction is practically guaranteed.

Amos Tamam - Making Life Easier

I recently saw a video clip on You Tube of a comedian who was appearing on a late night talk show. The guy's basic message was: despite having so much technology capable of improving the quality of our lives and the world in general, everyone still complains. Do you even remember the days when you had to go inside the bank and write yourself a check to even get cash? Do you remember when you could only pay cash in a cab? Or when the driver (or a store clerk for that matter) took a carbon imprint of your credit card? A man called Amos Tamam has changed all that for the better now.

Amos Tamam came from Israel and worked servicing taxis in NYC. He developed the technology and is now the head of the division at Verifone which makes it possible to pay with credit card in New York and Philadelphia taxis.

It is the sheer ingenuity of people like Amos Tamam who are changing the way we live our lives for the better. We should all be thankful for this technology.