Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Harley Swiftdeer Reagan - Profile

I love the internet because I come across so many interesting people and stories I would probably otherwise never have encountered. That rings true for a man I learned about while surfing the other night, Harley Swiftdeer Reagan - teacher, healer and martial artist. What fascinates me about this man is his dedication to personal mastery through martial arts, healing and his studies with teachers from different tribes across the Americas.

In his work, Harley Swiftdeer Reagan teaches those seeking transformation how to become aware, live in sobriety, and to embrace the 'art and act of living fully'. Having founded the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society, Harley Swiftdeer Reagan passes down the wisdom and knowledge of his studies with medicine people. With his teachings in spirituality, healing and martial arts SwiftDeer has moved and touched people from all over the world. It is this interdisciplinary simultaneous approach to spirituality and physical mastery which fascinates me and inspires me to continue along the same path.

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