Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Amos Tamam - Bring Taxis Into the 21st Century

It is hard to imagine the days when paying by credit card was not available everywhere. Most people I know, including myself, pay by card whereever and whenever possible - even in taxis. It just makes things quicker and more convenient, especially when claiming it on your expense report. Although this technology has not yet spread nationwide, there was a time when this was impossible everywhere. But, engineer and entreprenuer Amos Tamam changed all this for taxi customers and drivers in New York City and Philadelphia.

Now CEO of Verifone Transportation, Inc., Amos Tamam began his career as a service professional working on New York City taxis. He used his experience and ingenuity to develop this payment system enabling easy payment, but also safeguarding drivers from robbery. Without cash in the vehicle, drivers are no longer the target of attacks.

Amos Tamam defines innovation in the world today. His creativity has made taxi fares easy and safe for all those involved.

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