Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Harley Swiftdeer Reagan - Profile

I love the internet because I come across so many interesting people and stories I would probably otherwise never have encountered. That rings true for a man I learned about while surfing the other night, Harley Swiftdeer Reagan - teacher, healer and martial artist. What fascinates me about this man is his dedication to personal mastery through martial arts, healing and his studies with teachers from different tribes across the Americas.

In his work, Harley Swiftdeer Reagan teaches those seeking transformation how to become aware, live in sobriety, and to embrace the 'art and act of living fully'. Having founded the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society, Harley Swiftdeer Reagan passes down the wisdom and knowledge of his studies with medicine people. With his teachings in spirituality, healing and martial arts SwiftDeer has moved and touched people from all over the world. It is this interdisciplinary simultaneous approach to spirituality and physical mastery which fascinates me and inspires me to continue along the same path.

Frank Hanna III - The Spirit of Giving Back

While doing some reading the other day, I came across the profile of an Atlanta-based businessman, Frank Hanna III, who really inspired me. In tough economic times like these, many people are only concerned about their own prosperity. But Frank Hanna III has gone above and beyond typical generosity in philanthropy. In fact, he has given money a positive meaning during a time when it has such negative associations to so many people.

In a recent interview with Reader's Digest about his newly published book, Frank Hanna III discusses the role of the current economic crisis plays in the fostering giving. The message I got from the interview was the mindfulness we are all now directing at our own finances should also be directed at our giving. As Hanna stated in the interview, giving shows our humanity and brings out the best in all of us, especially in times like these.

Planning Your Next Getaway with YMT Vacations

Its summer and everyone is starting to think vacation. Many of us might be opting for a less expensive staycation this year, but there is nothing like affording yourself the unique experience of guided travel abroad and right here in the USA. I was looking around this year for something for my family and I ran across YMT vacations, a company providing package guided tours with over 40 years experience.

YMT Vacations offers a variety of both guided land and cruise vacation packages including trips to Europe, Alaska and Hawaii ranging in duration from five to 24 days. There is really something for every taste and budget. Being on a coach or cruise ship is much different than traveling alone and certainly has its advantages. While some value independent travel, others find ease and security in prearranged itinerary and transportation. Companies like YMT vacations make that possible for travelers of any age.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Amos Tamam - Bring Taxis Into the 21st Century

It is hard to imagine the days when paying by credit card was not available everywhere. Most people I know, including myself, pay by card whereever and whenever possible - even in taxis. It just makes things quicker and more convenient, especially when claiming it on your expense report. Although this technology has not yet spread nationwide, there was a time when this was impossible everywhere. But, engineer and entreprenuer Amos Tamam changed all this for taxi customers and drivers in New York City and Philadelphia.

Now CEO of Verifone Transportation, Inc., Amos Tamam began his career as a service professional working on New York City taxis. He used his experience and ingenuity to develop this payment system enabling easy payment, but also safeguarding drivers from robbery. Without cash in the vehicle, drivers are no longer the target of attacks.

Amos Tamam defines innovation in the world today. His creativity has made taxi fares easy and safe for all those involved.

K-Designers Offering Home Owners a Sound Investment

It seems as if noone can escape the credit crunch now. My once unscathed family is finally being affected. Nobody has lost their jobs thankfully, but money is tighter that it ever before and we are all beginning to rethink the way in which we spend money. My parents have decided to spend the money they do have to improve their single biggest investment: their home. Dad told me he is working with K-Designers to enhance the house exterior and optimize energy efficiency.

K-Designers seems like a great company to work with from what Dad has said. They are completely customer satisfaction-oriented, have over 30 years experience and more than 100,000 satisfied customers. Ranked highly as a renovator and siding contractor, K-Designers also has a no-money down policy. My folks aren't paying anything until the work has been completed to their satisfaction. I can't wait to see how great the house will look after its makeover.

Make sales grow with SRC Leads

Sales can be a tough field, especially in this uncertain financial climate. Having worked in the sales industry myself, I speak from experience. Along with basic sales technique, good leads are the very foundation of the trade. Finding accurate, solid leads is time consuming. The company SRC Leads takes the effort out of lead generation and gives sales professionals a serious advantage over others in the industry.
Providing leads in such industries as long-term care and financial market sales niches, SRC Leads is set apart from other lead generation services by its one-of-a-kind guarantee. Standing behind the total accuracy of every contact provided, SRC Leads also ensures exclusivity of their contacts for a half-year, meaning your leads will not be resold to anyone else for six months and ensuring your advantage of your competitors. On top of that, they offer a 90-day money back guarantee.
From a sales perspective, lead generation doesn't get any simpler than that.