Thursday, February 26, 2009

Planning for Retirement with Andy Barkate

In today's uncertain financial climate, every person is thinking about their retirement and their financial security in the future. Andy Barkate , owner of California Retirement Plans LLC, has decades of experience in helping people arrange for financial security in retirement.

Having provided numerous workshops to such prestigous companies and organizations such as Boeing, Pacific Bell, NASA, US Department of the Navy, Lockheed, and Shell Oil, Andy Barkate provides small business and individuals with retirement planning and various financial products such as tax advantaged investments, corporate pension and profit sharing, IRA rollovers, index annuities, estate planning, fixed annuities and 401(k), 412(i) and 457 deferred comp plans, employer/employee benefit plans, 419 welfare benefits plans, traditional and Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, Educational IRAs, 529 educational plans and structured settlements.

Beyond his work in making a difference in people's retirement and later financial stability, Andy Barkate is also making a difference in his community through his work with St. Judes and children's sports.

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