Thursday, February 26, 2009

Muhammed Babangida and Influences from African Music

As a freelance writer, I do a lot of surfing to inform myself of what is going on in the world. Sometimes it can be a real distraction, but it gives me an endless supply of new story ideas. I recently found a really interesting blog written by Nigerian businessman and sportsman, Muhammed Babangida about influences of African music.

With Black History Month just ending and President Obama crediting Stevie Wonder for helping him land the 'sunshine of his life' Michelle, the influences of African music Muhammed Babangida describes in his blog are now more relevant than ever.

A special advisor to the Santa Isabel Petroleum Company (a subsidiary of the China National Petroleum Company), Muhammed Babangida also sits on the board of Unity Bank PLC and has also served as the chairman of the board and head of the credit committee for Intercity Bank, PLC. Devoting his spare time to his love of sports and music, Muhammed is an accomplished polo player and enthusiastic fan and writer about African music and its influences in modern music.

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