Thursday, February 26, 2009

Frank Hanna and Meaningful Money Mangagement

The credit crunch has everyone, myself included, doing some thinking about their relationship to money. Surfing around, I found a blog written by Frank Hanna , an investor in both for and not-for-profit enterprise and cofounder of Hanna Capital LLC in 1989. His blog makes interesting points about the harm greed can and has caused in the US and throughout the world economy.

It is this principle that underlies the strategies used by Frank Hanna at Hanna Capital LLC.
He and his partner, David Hanna, seek to make ethical, data-driven investments grounded in reality and with a high degree of liquidity. 

The philosophies used by Frank Hanna at Hanna Capital LLC take a no-nonsense approach - something that has obviously been lacking from many strategies used in the last years.

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