Monday, January 26, 2009

What's wrong with flowers for Valentine's Day?

I pride myself on being an emancipated woman, but I still enjoy a little chivalry in my life. Opening doors, helping me in and out of my jacket, picking up the tab at the restaurant - little things really. And I don't think it is so bad to expect some flowers once in a while, if not flowers for valentines.

Now, my guy is wonderful and takes great care of me. But he comes from another country and there, it just isn't traditional to give roses for valentines or generally many gifts for that matter. I can't really hold that against him, but I also can't help but want some old-fashioned romance now and then.

Maybe instead of pining away for some Valentines Day roses I should just tell him how I feel. Or better yet I could just call 1-800 Flowers and order those flowers for myself.

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